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Jussi sweater is a historical Finnish men`s knitted garment. The name comes from Jussi which is a masculine given name in Finland. The sweater is traditionally grey and on the bodice there is a wine red diamond patterning. Classic Jussi sweater symbolises the stamina, diligence, honesty, integrity and even the insanity and bravado. So does this updated sweater version too, but it also brings up the brotherhood and acceptance between people in spite of their race, sexuality or background. There should be Jussi attitude in everyone.

Knitted lightweight Acrylic with a wool-like feel. Hand embroidered RAD sequins on chest and left shoulder. Extremely colorfast and hypoallergenic.

Wash inside out in 40°C.
Do not tumble dry or iron.

Made traditionally in Finnish family company.
Ships in 1-7 business days.

Color: Black, White stripes and Orange diamond figures. Black sequin detail.

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-Regular fit
-Ribbing in collar, sleeves and hem

Measurements are provided as centimetres in size options. To convert to inches, divide values by 2,54.