22/11 - 17/12/2023

Paintings, Fashion, Textile Art and Queer Magic by

Tatu Vuolteenaho, Jani Maunula-MLUMS79, Nadja Mikkilä, Tinttu Henttonen and House of Disappointments.

Galleria Aarni
Kauppakeskus Sello, 3rd floor
Leppävaarankatu 3-9
02600 Espoo

Tue-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat-Sun 12noon - 4pm

Tuesday 21st November 5-7pm
Eye-Leen Fashion Show

House of Disappointments have created outfits of Eye-Leen Silk and Cotton fabrics. This ballroom group will present their creations at the opening party. Some of the fashion pieces will be on a display at the exhibition.

Tatu Vuolteenaho is currently working on Queer Witches paintings. He paints portraits of spiritual queer people. Galleria Aarni is exhibiting 30 of his portraits and they will be put up in the order of rainbow colors. Vuolteenaho’s work was funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In addition to the exhibition Tatu Vuolteenaho brings six self-portraits of his drag persona Eye-Leen, also including two paintings of Tatu by Nadja Mikkilä.

Jani Maunula - MLUMS79 has designed the printed fabrics based on Vuolteenaho's Eye-Leen paintings. The exhibition features a magical immersive space made of Eye-Leen Cotton fabric. Rope Artist Tinttu Henttonen has built some extra magic into this installation.

More info: https://www.espoonkuvataiteilijat.fi/nayttelyt/rainbow-magic/

!!! ALL WELCOME - dogs too !!!

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POSTER ART/ Kangela by Tatu Vuolteenaho

PRESS PHOTO/ Jani Maunula and Tatu Vuolteenaho in Eye-Leen Print taken by Josep Prats

GROUP PHOTO/ House of Disappointments - Ballroom Group

EYE-LEEN Cotton Cushions

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