My Lost Uncle - MissingSince1979 fashion art project was formally established 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. The concept is a colorful mix of fashion vandalism and the art of personal freedom. Independent project is specialized in printed fashion items. Garments and accessories will look good on a man or just hanging in a walk-in wardrobe as arty-farty pieces made of print collage fabric.

Designs are inspired by the forgotten memories, bizarreness of Northern Hemisphere, popular culture and especially the stereotypes of a modern man. My Lost Uncle pays homage to the people, animals, fashion, art and films that have influenced on project`s designer since the 1980’s.

My Lost Uncle might be nearby or far far away. At this very moment, as a part of the project’s guerrilla marketing, someone may find photocopied posters or stickers in places such as Lars Homestead in Tatooine or U.F.O. sighting spot in Nivala, Finland and on Banksy`s street art in the UK. 

"I`m Alive", said Andreas my lost uncle in 1979.