Fashion and Art project MyLostUncle - MissingSince1979 a.k.a. MLUMS•79 was founded 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

Since 2018 MLUMS•79 has been based in Bristol, the UK.

The concept is a colourful mix of fashion vandalism and the Art of personal freedom. This independent brand is specialized in printed clothing; especially in allover print patterns. Garments and fashion will look good on any human or just hanging in a walk-in wardrobe such as arty-farty pieces made of mathematically continuous printed material - if you just try to find a single print rapport in a continuous allover pattern, go on I dare you!

Print designs are inspired by the 1980s, photo copied club flyers, bizarreness of the home hoods back in the Northern Finland, council houses, popular culture, queer and gay icons - And all this supporting the rights of freedom.


Jani Maunula
Fashion and Print Design BA, Aalto University 2004