My Lost Uncle - MissingSince1979 is established in 2015. The concept is a mix of fashion vandalism and the art of personal freedom. Independent brand is specialized in printed fashion items. Garments and accessories will look good on a man or just hanging in a walk-in wardrobe as arty-farty pieces made of painted fabric.

Designs are inspired by the forgotten memories, bizarreness of Northern Hemisphere, popular culture and especially the stereotypes of a modern man.

My Lost Uncle might be nearby or far far away. At this very moment, as a part of the brand`s guerrilla marketing, someone may find photocopied posters or stickers in places such as Lars Homestead in Tatooine or U.F.O. sighting spot in Nivala, Finland and on Banksy`s street art in the UK. 

"I`m Alive", said Andreas my lost uncle in 1979.

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